Italian pumpkin pie


Today we’re gonna cook an Italian traditional pie, the recipe comes from my region Emilia-Romagna and it has been kindly handed down by a friend of mine, expert in cooking 🙂 . It is considered as a variation of another pie called in Italian Tenerina, that means “Super soft”, which has chocolate instead of pumpkin (we will see this one in the next articles, I promise, because is absolutely my favourite!).

This pie is super easy to do and a bit original in my view, you can do it when you got a pumpkin but you’re fed up with soups or just to have something different for breakfast. You just need to cook the pumpkin in the oven in advance so the pulp become tender, it will take 25 min more or less, and in the mean time you can deal with the other steps of the recipe, starting for example to melt the butter and mix everything together little by little. The amount of sugar depends on your taste, as my friend Cai reminds me, so add is as you like, it won’t change the final result. Just remember one trick: when you are beating the egg whites into snow, and you are pouring them into the mixture, try not to stir them too fast but on the contrary move the wooden spoon slowly from the bottom of the pan to the top. This step is important for maintaining the air that has been trapped inside the mixture in and make the pie higher, but don’t worry too much! 🙂

Hope you like it and if you have any question, or any suggestion, I am here for you!



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