Norma and goat cheese pasta

Pasta aubergines tomato goat cheese.jpg

Hi everybody!

This is my norma and goat cheese pasta, norma is an Italian sauce made with aubergines, tomato passata and salty ricotta. In this case I tried it with goat cheese, which in my opinion matches perfectly with the other ingredients. The tricks for a good result is to cook really well the aubergines, so as to get rid of the unwanted water that is trapped inside, and they become more tasty. To do this, remember to stir continuosly them otherwise they get burned and the taste is ruined. Then, when you add the tomato passata regulate the taste with a pinch of salt and also sugar, it is essential to balance the tomato acidity (old trick from my grandma!). The goat cheese has to be added at the very end, when the heat is off, because it’s a fresh cheese and we don’t want it to separate in phases 🙂 (–> if you make the sauce for more than one time, and you want to freeze it, it’s advisable to leave it fresh cheese free, and add it always fresh from the fridge).

This is absolutely super tasty, I really recommend it and for any doubt just write me below! Enjoy!




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