A secret for an easy life: the Bread Machine

macchina del pane.jpgHi there, my favourite chefs! 😀

This morning I got up and thought: why not telling them about my number one secret for a super comfortable easy life?? My pride, the bread machine!! I have received as a birthday gift from my boyfriend (he is long sighted aha) and since the first day I have been really happy and satisfied.

It is basically a sort of mini robot, of reasonable size, with inside a rounded-shape bucket and a small blade. This small blade has the essential role of mixing up the ingredients, it works perfectly even though it can appear too tiny to do the job :). What you have to do is throwing inside the bucket your ingredients (flour, water, salt,.. depending on the recipe) and the robot will mix them up, let them rest (if we’re talking about recipe with yeast, like bread) and cook. There is the possibility to select the size of the bread (500g, 750g, 1kg…the best is 750g, the bigger one is more solid sometimes), the thickness of the crust and the number of the cooking programme. You will be informed when your creature is ready to be eaten 😀 What I do is to put it on before going to sleep, and the next morning I just open the machine and get the stuff out, it won’t be overcooked, just a bit drier on the surface but still all right. If you are more organized than me, you can let it work when you have free time 🙂

Now, let’s talk about what you can cook: the machine has 10-14 different programmes of cooking, you can do whatever you like, ranging from the breakfast bread, to the savoury one with for example olives, but also.. pizza dough, cakes and jam! Yes, I’m not joking! I have a Kenwood, it costs around 150£, that to me is a reasonable price 🙂 and she can do:

  1. Premium bread: Egg enriched white bread, Sun-dried tomato bread, Multi-seed bread (my favourite, awesome), Chilli& cheddar cheese bread, Brown bread, Fruit and nut Bran loaf, Chocolate bread.
  2. French styled bread (with a pinch of sugar, different but good for breakfast)
  3. Wholewheat: 100% wholewheat bread, Wholemeal seeded loaf, Light wholemeal, Granary bread.
  4. Brioche/sweet: Brioche bread (my boyfriend’s favourite, it has a bit of butter, lovely with jam), Cranberry, almond &pecan bread, Malted sultana & apricot bread, Citrus & walnut bread.
  5. Gluten free:  Basic gluten-free bread
  6. Cake 😀 : Marmalade cake, Gingerbread, Banana & cinnamon tea bread (looking forward to doing it!!), Caribbean tea bread (with coconut and dried fruit).
  7. Dough: Croissant (! it does the dough, you do the shape and the oven will do the rest! Team work 😀 ), Naan bread (Indian bland bread, that looks a bit like the italian piadina, you can eat it as a wrap, beautiful with hummus sauce), Pizza ❤ .
  8. Jam: Apricot jam, Summer fruits jam.
  9. Eco button: Rustic white, Carrot & coriander bread, Caramelised onion bread.

To me it’s the smartest thing ever: you don’t waste time, don’t dirt your hands, you save money and have every morning a delicious breakfast already done. When I first moved to UK, I felt like: all right, we have to make a plan, because the bread you can find in the supermarket is so-so, and full of additives. If you go every day to the bakery, you won’t have money to go to the gym 😀 , so it’s basically undoable forever. So we decided to think about this bread machine, which does fabulous food and in a relatively short time.

Let’s analyse how much time the machine needs to create basic things:

  • Bread and Brioche: 3:00 – 3:50 h
  • Gluten free bread: 2:30 h
  • Cake: 1:32 h
  • Pizza dough: 1:10 h
  • Jam: 1:25 h (!!! if you do by yourself it would take more than 8 h !)
  • Eco: 1:25 h

And here it is, a picture of my first loaf  🙂 it’s the premium white bread


Hope you found it interesting, if you need any advice or information I am here for you!





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